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    wall decor service for professionals.

    Design42Day offers a wide range of customizable wall decor made in Germany in Ultra HD with certified HP latex inks for outstanding color gradation. The shop is tailored to the needs of customers in design, photography and fashion industry.

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    Our service is ideally suited to the needs of customers working in the design field, as we uphold the highest quality standards – not only for image sharpness and depth of colour but for product durability as well.

    We’re proud to be an official supplier to the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD), Italy’s first postgraduate school of design, founded in Milan in 1954.

    SPD will be presenting a showcase of student projects to Lamborghini, Bentley and other remarkable companies, and has chosen Design42Day to produce the panels on which the students’ work will be printed and displayed.

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    Choose the best print surface for your creative


    Stretched with absolute precision and provide museum-quality presentation.

    Starting from €7,90


    Amazing lightweight quality and scratch-resistant coating. Ideal for sleek and vibrant visuals.

    Starting from €7,90


    Glossy, visually stunning display with intricate details and vibrant colors.

    Starting from €8,90

    Acrylic + Metal

    Full-scale, high-quality photo print on the solid composite panel.

    Starting from €20,90


    High-quality wood surface for numerous print formats.

    Starting from €16,90

    Metal Print

    Solid aluminum composite panel and true-to-life image reproduction.

    Starting from €6,90

    Premium Blanket

    Our cuddly photo blanket is made from the stuff of dreams: premium plush for extra comfort and easy maintenance.

    Starting from €33,90


    A fine textured surface and a high-resolution rendering of your chosen photo make our photo cushion covers stand out!

    Starting from €19,90


    We produce premium products

    Discover more about product quality and the most modern printing technology.

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    Preserve the planet

    For too long, people have lived without thinking that deeply about the consequences of their lifestyle for the ecosystem. As residents of planet Earth, we have a responsibility to protect it from any damage we ourselves might cause.
    We want to move things forward and join the global green movement. That’s why for products like premium frames and Forex® photo board we use 100% recycled plastic helping to reduce the volume of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans or in landfill.

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